SUSTAIN is a Comenius project that aim to gather and share good practices from partner countries in two year programme to encourage best results, innovative products to improve the quality of education and training through local workshops, online classroom implementation, and face to face International Teacher Training Course that will be arranged in a forest area in Istanbul. A Good Practices online database containing models for activities, and teaching tools & ITTC will be realized to enhance teachers. competencies, Project booklet and e-platform as outputs are presented to teachers, policy makers and the broad public. With this project we will promote the acquisition of key competences relevant for education for sustainable development starting from the early school age. Following gathering, compiling and testing the good practices stored in the project database, up-to date teaching tools, materials, and teacher training will be created to enhance the quality and European dimension of teacher training in the partner countries.

Local workshop will be initiator of SUSTAIN's process and will take into consideration the target's needs. Each partner will be matched to participate in the local teacher's workshop of another country on the basis of meeting available expertise and demand. In addition, online Skype connection will be held with different partners during the project. Teachers will upload Good Practices in a determined format into the online database and will adapt and implement these Good Practices via being coached by the owner of GP online. New teachers will be inspired during the Face-Face ITTC in a forest area. During the ITTC a draft booklet and e-platform will be presented to the teachers. Moreover, in each project meeting school visits will be realized by the project partners and the policy makers will be invited to observe the real classroom implementations. In the e-platform refined good practices in a database focusing on key competences for sustainable development integrating international and interdisplinary cooperation will be available for teachers teaching early age groups. The project booklet will contain samples of refined good practises of each partner country and illustrating how to act as role models, by integrating the principles of sustainable development in teaching and practice.